09 May 2013

Pink Flash!

Two ACEOs for mari-mari on Animexx showing her OC Albert. The first was done for a trade and I finished the second this morning as an apology for being a slow coach. x'D
I'm a beginner when it comes to handling Copic markers and I rarely get to practice, uh... >__<

Ah, and that's what I'm using for the white highlights; Copic opaque white and brushes. Copic sure is expensive but I think in this case it's worht it.

08 May 2013

Painting Class

Something I did in painting class today. There's still a long, long way ahead of me but I'm getting better at this kind of stuff and I'm all motivated to work and improve.

40 x 30cm, water colors

Strange fish

A quick illustration I did for a concept for university. I'm not going to continue working on this project, but I wanted to share it anyway. :)
(The original is 25 x 50cm large)