31 January 2012

WLOM - Part Four (Finally!)

Be warned! This post contains a high amount of cheesy trash, face-fails and draaaaama! If you’re okay with that, read on. (: 

WLOM is a comic-strip illustrating the re-ordered (and slightly edited) lyrics of Nick Lachey’s song “What’s Left Of Me”. Because the file would be just too long I decided to split it into four parts.

You’re currently about to read part 4/4
Part Three 

WLOM deals with Desmond suffering from the bleeding effect and slowly losing his mind, not being able to shut out the memories of his ancestors or remembering who he is anymore. 

It's done. Finished. And so am I. x'D 
Well yeah, I learned a lot from making these and even though I hate the fact that Desmonds and Shauns faces look totally different in each friggin panel, I like the outcome pretty much. I will never be able again to listen to the song without thinking of these two, aww~ ♥
And yeah... I just stopped trying to get Desmonds tattoo right - I improvised each time! |D