03 February 2012

First. Speedpaint. EVER.

Hooooly shit - it's no Assassin's Creed! D: But don't worry, I won't let that happen too often. 

Some days ago I felt the sudden urge to open a new Photoshop file and just... start drawing. But I didn't really know what so I just took some screencaps from a show I'm currently watching and used them as model. It took me about 1,5h to 'finish' this.
First I just wanted to draw the guy on the left but then I wasn't satisfied and decided to draw the second one. And THEN I thought "Hey, why not let them face each other and bring them reeeeally close together?"  And honestly - there is no gay-atmosphere intended. x'D 

So I'm not going to tell who these two are since it would be embarrassing because they do not resemble the two perfect originals. ♥