22 February 2012

I ain't dead

I'm not having much time at the moment 'cause guess what; I'm going to university starting next month! The problem is that I don't have a place to live at my soon-to-be hometown yet. So I'm spending a lot of time searching and meeting my potential soon-to-be flatmates. Wish me luck! 

But I AM working on two little somethings; a short (and sad... ;__;) Altair&Malik comic and a rather complex picture of these two ("Hm, it looks better without lineart, so I'll just start drawing without outlines!" Worst. Idea. Ever.) Somehow I already miss Shaun and Des...

Not quite happy with Malik but pleased with Altair's smirk. :>

Poser-Altair! x'D You'll understand when you read the comic...

Ah, by the way; how do you call your favourite couples? For Altair and Malik I decided on "Almal" for myself ("Maltair" has a ring to it but it reminds me of the island "Malta", duh) and Ezio and Leonardo go by the name "Ezleo". It all sounds rather weird... do you have better ideas? Especially for Shaun and Desmond! D: