05 March 2012


The following picture contains homoerotic material - don't like, don't click! You have been warned... To all others; Enjoy! ;)

Uuh, my first porn-pic ever... and even though it's only soft porn and I didn't draw the interesting parts, I feel totally dirty, like the whole picture consist of a huge penis. >/////< And yet I'm happy, I guess I will get more comfortable drawing scenes like this as time goes by. :)

I’m not gonna lie, I had a ref-pic for their faces. I just wish I had one for the rest of their bodies too… urgh, I’m sorry Shaun. But at least you got to be on top! x’D But it did turn different from what I imagined... I wanted it to look more passionate and "hot". It's so kitschy and... shiny. x'DDD
I pretty much like the cold-warm contrast of the colours though.