01 March 2012


I got their stories all plotted out in my head, for Ezio&Leo, Desmond&Shaun and Malik&Altair… from the very beginning to the very end. Hell, I planned every detail of Ezio and Leo’s breakup and even wrote down the dialogue for Desmond and Shaun’s! I feel like a very masochistic person doing this to myself but somehow I feel it is… necessary. One day I might share my ideas with you but drawing doujinshis  is just so horribly time-consuming.

Either way, this is not the ACTUAL breakup of Altair and Malik but one event that might lead to it. I guess there are just some things even love can’t overcome… and what happened in Solomon’s Temple will forever haunt the two of them and no matter how much time passes by, they will be constantly reminded of it. 

I came up with this when I did a little research for a doujinshi; I wanted to know how old Kadar actually is… was. And then I found out that the grey color of his robes implies that he is still a rookie – and TA-DA, the idea was born. But honestly guys, how old is Kadar? He does not seem much younger than Malik but is still a novice?