24 April 2012


I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking when I started this picture. I just remember I had this idea on a car-trip to my family on Christmas and ever since then it was haunting me, so I got to get it out of my system. I thought about Leonardo and Ezio touching hands and that Ezio’s must be scarred and hard from all the wall-climbing and guard-killing whilst I picture Leonardo’s hands long, thin and elegant, fitting for working on tiny mechanisms of new inventions.
And also I started to like the idea of young Ezio struggling with his morale and not being used to kill yet – and Leonardo is the only one to comfort him. Actually I have a short story about this topic in my head and I hope I’m going to draw it one day (should be more or less as long as “What’s left of me” I guess). 

And there have been some new fandoms sneaking into my heart before I knew it and know I want to draw some stuff about American Horror Story, Uncharted and Sherlock, too. Guess I have to stop sleeping. X’D