19 April 2012

New Life | Bored and Hungry

Hi there sweethearts, it’s been a while and I missed you. :D Beware of some personal Blah-Blah!
But it was and still is an awesome time for me and I’m really happy at the moment – but also awfully busy. But university is so much fun, we’re sketching, painting and drawing all the time and I really feel I’ve already learnt and improved so much! Also I met a bunch of cool and extremely interesting persons  (unfortunately nobody is that much into Manga or Yaoi ;__;)

A big improvement as well is that I finally moved into my new flat – I lived in a hotel for three weeks and it was horrible. X’D It was simply impossible to get any painting work done on a hell of a tiny hotel table with no natural light to speak of. Unf!
But now I got my workspace and my computer back and I have even two desks! Yay, never again Acrylics on my keyboard! :D 


By the way, this one of the studios we’re working at, just before the beginning of painting lesson – chaos! :D


Oh, and there is a little church near the uni and well… are you thinking the same as me? 

 I’d like to spam you with lots and lots of Hamburg photos to show you how much I love this city but I didn’t take many since the weather has been awful most of the time or I was simply too busy/didn’t have my camera with me. :/

And now finally what we’ve all been waiting for: More Assassin’s Creed fanart!
Guys, I’ll be honest – I miss them. I’ve drawn nearly nothing of my beloved boys in the past few weeks and I even started dreaming of them. I need this fandom and my head is just so full of stories and picture ideas, whenever I hear a new song or talk to someone interesting new ideas pop into my mind, it’s horrible! XD Guess I need to draw them all to get them out of my system. But for now… take some Des and Shaun Chibis. :D  

I love you all. ♥