11 May 2012

ACEO cards | Tumblr | Facebook

Just so you know I haven’t been sleeping all the time or was kidnapped by a mysterious organization, I show you these; I’ve been making ACEO cards. It was really fun (and a pain in the ass...) to work on such a tiny size and I’ll be drawing some more. But unfortunately I’m not going to take commissions or trade offers – I’m sorry. :(

Uh, Tumblr! Yes of course you’re allowed to post my pictures! I’m very flattered whenever some of my crap shows up on my dash and I think it’s very cute of you to ask for my permission. Use and abuse whatever you find on this blog (or deviantART) but please make sure to add the source. :)
I do have a Tumblr account myself but I won’t upload anything there since it feels strange putting my stuff up on 4 different sites. |D

And then there is the facebook issue… guys, I think it’s amazing some of you found out my real name and want to add me as friend, but that is exactly what I use facebook for; keeping in touch with my friends. And that does not include random strangers from the internet. :/
That doesn’t mean we can’t become friends and I DO want to get to know you, so if you want to talk with me or just have a question, feel free to write a mail – I’ll definitively respond. <3

That’s it for today. I’m going to continue drawing some soft-porn now. ;D