18 May 2012


A very lovely person (hey Jenno, greetings! XD) commented on my ACEO cards and asked why I never use traditional techniques for my pictures and I was like “Ouh… I… I never even thought about it!!!” So I gave it a try. And I’m not sure how I feel about the outcome. Their faces are weird… but that’s not the fault of the watercolors. xD

This just shows perfectly how I picture their relationship; Shaun always turning away from Desmond, pretending not to care, while Desmond is secretly in despair, losing his mind and tries to reach out for Shaun – maybe unknowingly, not realizing that he needs help, HIS help.
I imagine this is one of the rare times Des opens up to Shaun and tells him, almost casually, what is happening to him. If they only weren’t so proud! ;___;
All. The. Self-inflicted. Heartache. Gnaaah.