14 May 2012

A Lot Of Distraction

I just wanted to get rid of this. I like it, somehow, even though my heart is aching because of all the anatomy-fails. xD I will learn it one day, that's what the study from the nude is for. But I didn't want to work on this for a second longer, I've stared at their muscular bodies and disorted faces for too long.

Ezio and Leo is the one pairing that gives me a hard time deciding on who is seme and who is uke. I like it when they switch from time to time (Shaun and Des, thehehe) but while Ezio is quite the passionate and hot-blooded lover, Leonardo is the one who is actually gay (at least in the games), older and has apparently more experience. So I can imagine both quite well on top but neither of them really on bottom. :/
In my headcanon, Leonardo is the one who guides Ezio through his "first time with a man" and later on when Ezio gets used to their relationsip he's the one taking the lead. ;)

Geez, I'm overthinking ficitonal non-canon pairings waaaay too much.
Nevertheless, have some steps I saved. Unfortunately I don't have the original sketch anymore. :(