25 May 2012

Smitten Kitten

Jesus Christ, I am so sorry for this. 

The lovely Liva wrote in a mail the following sentence: “It seems like you are seriously smitten!” Since I was not sure about the word “smitten” I looked it up and went all “Aawwww~ that’s a cute term!” And since my brain is totally in fluffy-plush-mode it formed the connection: Smitten->Kitten. It’s horrible, I know, and not the least bit innovative. Have already seen several cat-assassins out there. xD
For be background I went nuts with some watercolors and self-made stamps – I’ve been making quite many textures for Photoshop myself the last days, it’s so much fun and I want to use them all! :D

Please excuse it’s a bit messy, but I wanted to throw this at you before my several days  deviantART-abstinence for a dear friend visits me. :D So sorry, I won’t answer you until next week. :(

And since this is partly her fault and the pairing is fitting… check out Livas fanfictions! I don’t usually advertise but then again I don’t usually read fanfictions. But she does not only have a great style of writing but also has got a lot of background knowledge on the Renaissance and while reading I never got the feeling the protagonists were out of character. Amazing!

So if you like some mature and thought-out romance with Ezio and Leonardo, read her one-shot story "Peace is not for us".
And if you like to see Leonardo (trying?) to save Ezios ass for a change, check out her story 
"The Auditore Challenge". She just uploaded the final third chapter and it’s so worth reading! :D

So guys, see you in a few days I guess. :)