02 June 2012

Thank You

Last Sunday it’s been half a year since I started this blog and I wanted to celebrate this by redoing a sketch I’ve made… half a year ago. It’s been the very same evening I decided to start a blog when I drew this.

I’ve never published it anywhere since it’s simply too freaking ugly. Since then I have grown and improved so much, so I wanted to see just how much I have learnt. A lot, as you can see.

So this is my half-a-year-anniversary present for you: motivation.
Don’t give up on your art. Whether you’re a fanartist, a writer, a cosplayer, a former or whatever, keep doing what you do – even more important; keep doing what you love. As long as you work with passion there is nothing that can turn out “wrong” or “bad”, there are only mistakes you can learn from.
I’m not near perfection, I’ll never be, but I have improved in this short time of six months and I’m slowly getting to a point where I’m satisfied with what I create. And I have so much fun and I love drawing so much.

So I wanted to thank you.
Thank you for liking my stuff and giving me feedback – whenever I feel down and like there is no purpose in what I’m doing you build me up again.
Thank you for sending me mails or getting in contact with me – I’ve met some awesome people thanks to the fandom and made new friends.
Thank you for sharing your passion and love with me. I feel like a part of a worldwide family and if it wasn’t for the AC fandom, I might not have found my desire to draw again.

Thank you.♥

In half a year, when my blog has its real anniversary, I’m going to re-draw this piece again. Please stay with me until then. :’)