04 May 2013

New Header

Hi lovelies, I'm back - again!
But with no AC stuff. I'm drawing a lot but mostly no FanArt. But I want to share it with you anyway. If you came for the guy-on-guy-action; sorry to disappoint you.

 I made a new header very spontaneously, just for the LoLz. Hope you like it. :)

Just as a little reminder; this was the old header. Yuck! xD 

I took some WIP photos (sorry for the awful quality, I started early in the morning when the light wasn't so good >___<)

Very rough first sketch. (Scan - DIN A4)

The "lines", with pencil.

Some structure. :D

I love painting hair. *__*

Very happy about how the checked pattern turned out.

Some more here, some more there..~

Adding some white aaaand it's done! The photo looks a lot better than the scan, duh.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time. :)